Credit: GQ

Will Roger Federer ever be done?

Federer laughed. He thought about it. “Let’s say I have a tournament,” he said. “I ask myself, how happy am I to be leaving home? Because it’d be so nice to stay. So am I happy to pack my bags, and walk out the door, and put them in the car, and get in the car, look to the house and say, Okay, let’s do this—am I happy in that moment? Or do I wish I could stay longer? Every time it’s been: I’m happy to go. I’m still doing the right thing in my heart. It’s a test. If that moment comes and I’m like, ‘Hmm…’ I’ve heard other players say the same thing. A friend went to the airport and turned around—he couldn’t go play that tournament; he needed to see his family. That’s probably the end of a career.” He paused. It sank in. He smiled. “We like it so much here, but nevertheless I’m still happy to keep moving.”

Rosecrans Baldwin in GQ.