Credit: Quartz

They say they killed for Duterte: The twisted tale of the two hitmen taking on the Philippine president

“I’m usually just dressed in shorts, loose shirt, and slippers. No one ever notices me or the gun I have under my shirt. It’s how I could get away with killing someone,” said Matobato, during an interview at a secret location surrounded by thatched huts and a running stream. “When I’m close enough to a target, I can give him one in the head, one in the heart and casually walk away.”

The 57-year-old Edgar Matobato says he was a hitman for more than 25 years, part of a shadowy vigilante group that he alleges Rodrigo Duterte, now president of the Philippines, started and funded when he was mayor of Davao City, in the southern Philippines.

Ana P. Santos in Quartz.