Credit: BuzzFeed

Inside the chaotic battle to be the top reply to a Trump tweet

Thanks to Twitter’s weighted reply algorithm, you don’t even have to be the first to hit “send” — though it certainly helps. So seconds after the president sounds off to his 31 million–plus followers, he’s bombarded with replies — almost all of them extreme. There are breathless condemnations of Trump policy; cries for his speedy impeachment; furious demands for his administration to admit its role in any number of global and political conspiracies; #Resist-ers; #TrumpTrain conductors and passengers; impassioned defenses of his character; praise for Trump as chessmaster-in-chief, 10 steps ahead and constantly outwitting enemies. There are comedians, actors, doctors, scientists, admirers, goons, politicos, activists, journalists, and trolls. (BuzzFeed News has itself jumped into the fray.) And within seconds they’re all just a few pixels below the president’s missive — yelling, arguing, and looking to be the one Donald Trump sees when he checks his Twitter feed.

…the top reply to a Trump tweet is guaranteed to get in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes. That’s likes and retweets, not to mention profile views, replies, and new followers.

Charlie Warzel in BuzzFeed.